Cheryl Pattyn
Cheryl Pattyn

The toxic onslaught

We diet, we exercise, we do all the right things.

Except we forget about the “toxic onslaught”.

You’ve definitely heard of some of the ones I’m about
to share with you, but not all of them…

And there’s a 99.9% chance you don’t have them all

Why does this matter? Because, there are 13 toxins
and chemicals “trapped” in your fat cells.

They cause deep inflammation in the GI tract which
makes you bloated, cramped, sprinting to the toilet,
and more.

Plus, this inflammation causes leaky gut syndrome.

Basically, if you have a “leaky gut”, tiny holes are
created in your GI tract.

From these holes, a flood of toxins, chemicals and
partially digested food seep into your bloodstream.

The result? A massive inflammatory and immune
response that attacks everything entering your body.

Besides the fact that doctors are now recognizing
this as one of the underlying causes of ALL major

This is closely tied in with the 3 fat triggers (especially
fat triggers #2 and #3).

This is what you MUST fix if you want to burn fat,
firm up, and feel great…fast.

Here are 13 toxins keeping you from a leaner, happier you

1. Processed, GMO-contaminated foods (anything made
with non-organic wheat, corn and soy)

2. Blood-sugar spiking foods & allergens (including most
wheat & gluten products)

3. Pesticides/insecticides in fruit and vegetables and
hydrogenated oils

4. Estrogen, antibiotics and powerful hormones in meat

5. Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) in Aluminum Pans
and Teflon/non-stick cookware

6. Toxic air contaminants (11, to be exact) in paraffin
candles, and benzene chemicals in air fresheners

7. Airborne & environmental pollutants (from vehicular
emissions, factories, residual smoke, and other sources).

8. Parabens, propylene glycol, and other toxins hiding
in skin care products (even “natural” ones)

9. Petrochemicals in everyday cleaning sprays, detergents,
and air fresheners

10. Mold spores in damp, dark corners of our homes
and stuffy, unfiltered indoor air (breeding ground for
respiratory problems)

11. Formaldehyde in furniture and carcinogens in
building materials

12. Chlorine, fluoride and 300+ chemicals in our
water supply

13. Bisphenol-A (BPA) hidden in the seals of all canned
foods, and found in plastics — the particularly dangerous
ones are plastic #3,6, and 7 on the plastic resin chart
(#1,2,4 and 5 are a little better)

Now, sure, you might have some of these “weak points”

You may avoid wheat, gluten and other allergens…and
eat certified organic (therefore avoiding GMOs).

You may have high-quality reverse osmosis water filters
and the best air filters money can buy.

And you might even bathe and wash in 100% natural
(even homemade) products.

But with the state of our modern world, there’s very
little chance you’re 100% in the clear.

Heck, unless you’re out in the wilderness in a hand-built
log cabin and living off the land…you’re almost guaranteed
to be exposed to millions of toxins the second you walk outside.

I know you don’t want to hear that, and that it even sounds
“crazy”, but it’s true.

And if you’re smart, you’ll want to reduce as many of these
as possible.

And you’ll want to have extra protection, with herbs that
reduce toxic inflammation, protect the liver, and speed up
fat burning.

Here’s the simplest and easiest way to get started:

Trigger-Killing Secret #1: Strategic Carb-Cycling


===> Your #1 goal for rapid weight loss should be to reduce the 3 fat triggers (insulin resistance, chronic inflammation, and liver clogging).

Since insulin problems are often caused by high carb intake, and inflammation & liver clogging is usually caused by too many toxins & chemicals…eat LESS carbs…and eat MORE real food.

But DON’T do this forever. Instead, eat low-carb on non-workout/rest days, and eat moderate/high carb on workout days. A good starting point for low-carb days is 50 grams of carbs per day for women, and 75 grams for men. On moderate/high carb days, eat between .75 – 1 gram of carbs per pound (example: If you weigh 150 lbs, eat 150 grams of carbs).

While you’re doing this, make sure you also focus on reducing toxins & chemicals by eating less processed and refined foods…and instead stick to whole, natural fats and proteins. Make your low-carb days grain-free, and stick to only eating fiber-rich veggies & fruits.

The best part? Some TASTY low carb, fat-burning meals include grass-fed steaks, pasture-raised eggs, fresh bacon, and more…all with fresh veggies sauteed in grass-fed butter! Remember…eating well does NOT have to mean eating bland, boring foods.

Trigger-Killing Secret #2: Metabolic “Burst” Workouts

===> Since these 3 triggers are also improved a ton with exercise…do some short, simple “burst” workouts.These are NOT complicated or crazy…you should definitely NOT spend hours on the treadmill or elliptical (I post these workouts every Wednesday on my FB Fan Page!)

The best “burst” style fat-burning workouts last no longer than 20-30 minutes. They are intense & will make your cells MORE sensitive to insulin (meaning carbs won’t be so much of a problem).

PLUS: a bit of exercise will make you sweat meaning you clear out a bit of the GUNK clogging up your liver and inflaming your cells.

A good burst protocol includes bodyweight movements like pushups, squats, mountain climbers, planks, burpees, and more — do them in a circuit with 8-10 reps per set, and no rest in between sets. Repeat each circuit 3-5 times or by using an interval timer and going for time vs reps.

The best part? If you’re not used to exercise, or if you have bad joints…or heck, if you’re just lazy…you can take a brisk walk 20-30 minutes, 3x a week. That’s it! Just get moving a bit and eat well.

Cheryl Pattyn
Cheryl Pattyn

Improve accountability in 7 steps

Improve Accountability in 7 Simple Steps:

For many people, staying motivated is the trickiest part of continuing a nutritional and fitness program. It can be easy enough to start exercising, but consistently crushing the gym/bootcamp/home gym, instead of grandma’s pound-cake can be a tough task. As weeks pass, you may go from moments of “I want to kick butt!” to wavering times when you can’t even muster the energy to leave the couch.

By employing a few strategic motivational tips, you can forge onward and make sure your current workout routine doesn’t become yet another failed attempt to reach your fitness goals. They may not be the sexiest tips in fitness, but the tactics below are practical, easy to implement, and will help you exercise and train for the long haul.



Cravings are everyone’s worst enemy. Whether you lean toward the savory—juicy burgers, cheesy pizza, crispy fries—or sweet—creamy ice cream, chocolate cake—hankerings are hard to turn down, especially when hunger’s in full swing.

Sometimes, taking a step back and gaining some perspective is key to subduing—and eventually dismissing—that urge to head over to the pantry and eat every treat in sight (not that you should have any treats in your pantry)

Most food cravings last only a few minutes – that cue from your brain’s pleasure center, and the immediate release of dopamine that follows, might tell you that that chocolate chip cookie is truly irresistible. Stay level-headed and remember that true “feel good” sensations come when progress is made and seen.



Few people take the time to consider how their decision to skip a bootcamp or training session will affect them down the road because they are too focused on how they feel at that moment. Before you’re quick to quit, consider how you’ll feel if you give up. Chances are you’ll be in the gym/boot camp shortly after. Then, even if your workout starts with low energy, it will probably pick up once you’re in the groove feeling the music and being around others.


Tracking your workouts, nutrition, daily hurdles and—perhaps most importantly—your accomplishments will allow you to see how far you’ve come since starting and remind you that hard work pays off.

I would even suggest supplementing your daily journal with an “inspiration journal.” Fill it with anything that motivates you: photos of your favorite athlete throwing down, uplifting motivational quotes, or a checklist of goals for the month. When your motivation tank hits “E,” flip through the pages to reawaken your drive to thrive.


If you follow a plan that you enjoy and that fits your lifestyle, motivation will come organically. You’ll naturally want to follow your fitness plan or show up to you boot camp sessions because you enjoy the activity it involves.

It’s important to tailor your plan to your lifestyle.


If you don’t currently work out with anyone, you may want to consider getting a partner—especially one who’s stronger and more advanced than you. A gym mentor can be an immense boost to your accountability, exercise knowledge, training intensity, and results.  You have all trained with me at one point in time or another, so you know how more “intense” the training is when I am there with you vs fly solo.

Try to find a gym/boot camp buddy one notch above you on the fitness ladder to give you that instant dose of motivation needed to push forward to the next level.


In addition to having a gym/boot camp buddy, try to form as large of a support network as possible. Your group should consist of people who understand your goals, can relate to your struggle, and are willing to be a shoulder to lean on during hard times (this is why I have my FB page)
Don’t underestimate the power of support. Independence can be great, but it doesn’t mean you have to attack everything alone.


Nothing kills a workout buzz like a routine gone stale.
It’s a good idea to refresh your workout every 4-6 weeks with one on one training. This will allow you to hit multiple training goals over the course of the year, keep your body from adapting to one program, and keep your fitness life interesting for the long haul!

Cheryl Pattyn
Cheryl Pattyn

5 Steps to shredded

5 Steps to Shredded

Step 1: Add HIITIf you want to get rid of excess body fat, one of the fastest ways to burn off extra calories and fat is by adding HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). Why does this work so well? HIIT cardiovascular exercise requires short bursts of all out effort followed by periods of slower cardio. The maximal effort you put into the bursts forces your body to use more oxygen than it normally does. This means you burn more calories.

And, the news gets even better. The extra oxygen usage means you’ll be burning more calories than usual for hours after your workout (after-burn). This condition is known as “excess post-exercise oxygen consumption” (EPOC). 

A study in the Journal of Obesity concluded that HIIT exercise has a massive impact on your levels of body fat, especially in the midsection. And, you don’t have to do this type of exercise every day to reap the benefits. Doing three HIIT workouts a week, using 20-25 minute intervals is sufficient for maximizing fat burning.

Step 2: Up Your Protein

Protein requires energy to be digested. That means just the simple act of eating protein dictates that you’re going to burn more calories than usual. It stands to reason, then, that the more protein you add, the more calories you burn.

How much protein do you need in order to reap the fat-burning and weight loss effects? The typical rule of thumb is to get anywhere from .75 grams—1.25 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight, depending on your fitness goals, and your weightlifting regimen. Obviously, if you’re lifting heavy weight and really tearing it up at the gym, you’ll want to err on the higher side for protein intake. If you’re not getting in that much in terms of lifting, then around 1 gram per pound is a good start.

Protein also helps you burn more fat. It is one of the building blocks of muscle and you need to get plenty of protein to keep your muscles strong and allow them to repair themselves after heavy workouts. Adding extra muscle to your physique means you’ll require more calories to maintain your weight, and that translates to an increased  metabolism. So, even if you didn’t change a thing, you’d naturally be burning off additional calories on a daily basis just by being more muscular. So, eat your protein!

Step 3: Eat Your Carbs at the Right Time

Yes, you still want to both watch your carbs and eat your carbs, but it’s critically important that you eat them at the most beneficial time. When is the best time? It’s going to be optimal for fat loss and muscle-building purposes if you can consume your carbs around your training sessions. Ideally, right after your weight workout is the best time to eat the bulk of your starchy carbs for the day.

The remainder of the day should consist of low carb and fibrous veggie selections as well as plenty of protein and healthy fats. This is the quickest way to maintain your muscle while burning off the maximum amount of body fat.

Step 4: Eat Enough Fats

Speaking of healthy fats, how do fats fit into the equation? Fats will provide you with the energy you need to get through your tough muscle-sparing fat-burning workouts. They’ll also help your body repair and recover quickly.

You need to eat fat to make sure your body is able to produce enough testosterone, absorb certain vitamins, have proper brain function, keep skin and hair soft and supple and more.

You’ll also want to make sure to include fat so that you feel full and satisfied. Eating healthy fat sources like whole eggs, coconut oil, fish oil, fatty fresh wild-caught fish, grass-fed meats and dairy products, raw nuts, nut butters and seeds will help your body release body fat while staying energized.

Step 5: Eat Organic and Fresh

Get plenty of fresh (and whenever possible) organic foods. When your body is not fighting against the food you eat, it will be much easier to lose weight. When your body doesn’t have to filter out the pesticides, chemicals, preservatives and other undesirables commonly found in our food sources, your body can simply use the nutrients in your food for fuel, and then focus on fat loss.

Getting the toxins out of your diet will mean less cravings, you’ll shed water weight and you’ll retrain yourself to be satisfied with the good wholesome tastes in natural foods.

Put all these steps into play in your lifestyle and you can virtually guarantee you’ll watch the pounds melt off your body. Throw in some weightlifting alongside your HIIT cardio and you’ll be transformed in no time.

Cheryl Pattyn
Cheryl Pattyn

Purge yourself of…

Purge Yourself of ___________.‏

Today we are keeping it short, sweet and to the point  because sometimes simplicity is best.

Purge yourself of useless information, things and ideas. 

You have too many choices

Information overload will create inaction.

Clutter will create inaction and confusion.

Indecision creates chaos and anxiety.

What can you do TODAY to eliminate
some of this clutter in your life?

Simplicity is the key to achievement.

Simplicity is the key to results.

Simplicity is the key to happiness.

=> You don’t need more my peeps

Create Space in your life.

It’s where the magic happens.

It’s where the true connection with yourself will happen.

Cheryl Pattyn
Cheryl Pattyn

Losing fat is so hard!

Three of the easiest things you can do to on a daily basis to help melt fat off your body.
1. Drink more water. 

We’ve talked about this before…but guarantee some of you are still not doing it. 
This is easiest, people. Water is your body’s principle chemical component. Having a properly hydrated system helps with digestion, makes you more capable of breaking down and absorbing nutrients, energizes you, and improves your skin.
I recommend drinking one liter per 50 pounds of body weight. Additionally, for every cup of coffee you drink, you should have a cup of water.
It’s there. It’s free. Just do it.
2. Go for a walk every day. 
We’ve become a sedentary culture. There are days I literally haven’t moved off my office chair.  NOT COOL!
Like drinking more water, all of us need to add more daily movement into our lives. Taking a walk is the easiest way to do that. Finish this email and then immediately go for a walk.
3. Eat protein for breakfast.
Protein’s proven to stabilize blood sugar, and can lead to less carb and sugar cravings throughout the day. If you’re not fasting, try eating about 30-50g first thing in the morning. You’ll find it acts as a natural appetite suppressant.
It’s the small things you do that will turn into daily habits, and it is then that you’ll see an impact on your personal fat loss.
Cheryl Pattyn
Cheryl Pattyn

Do you know your why???

Why???  Why should you identify your inner motivation to be a better, more fit you?

Well, if you have a clear, concise and well-grounded answer to this question, you’ll be able to stick with your exercise routine through good times and bad. You’ll put in the time to study the theory, you’ll put in the time at the gym and you’ll have the motivation to put in an extra rep even when your muscles already hurt. It’ll make all the difference.

On the other hand, if you don’t know your “why,” chances are you’ll start your workout routine, stick with it for a few days or weeks and then fall off the bandwagon when the going gets tough, or life throws you a curveball or you get a hang nail. After all, building a great body takes effort. You need to have the motivation to make it happen.

Identifying Your Why

Start with looking at your fitness goals. Different kinds of fitness goals tend to have different motivations.

Are you just trying to lose some weight? If so, what’s the most important thing you think you’d gain by losing that weight? Is it better health, more energy and a likely longer lifespan? Is it more social acceptance? Or more attention from the opposite sex?

If you’re skinny and want to bulk up a bit, again – ask yourself why. Why is having muscle mass better than having a skinny body? How will your life be different if you had more muscle mass?

Look at your goals and ask yourself: Why do I want my body to look this way? Often times finding your “why” is a matter of looking inward rather than outward.

 Write Down Your “Why”

As the saying goes, “where there’s a will, there’s a way.” To keep your “why” alive, write it down on paper and keep it somewhere visible.

On days when you just don’t feel like getting up to go and train, that piece of paper can give you the push you need to get off the couch and into the gym.

Writing out your “why” also serves another function. Often times when trying to figure out your why, you’ll have a sense for it but not be able to put it into one concise sentence. Writing it out will help you form your why into a more concrete form.

To sum it up, finding your why is one of the most important aspects of being able to successfully keep up an exercise routine. If you have a strong enough reason for wanting to change your body, you can. Just make sure to keep reminding yourself of that reason, especially when times get tough.

Cheryl Pattyn
Cheryl Pattyn

My Top Anti-Stress-ors!

My Top Anti-Stress-ors

I know that a strong mind that overcomes negative thoughts will make for a happier ‘ME’.
In addition to a strong mind, here are a few other very practical things that help me from losing my mind when life hits the fan:
1. Sleep – Under rated in today’s fast paced culture – I know if I’m rested I can conquer the world. Simply put, protect your sleep by having a regular routine – there are a multitude of benefits of sleep beyond just coping with stress.
2. Nutrition – Clearly I can cope best when my body is fueled properly and when I’m feeling strong. How can I expect myself to go to battle riding with a flat tire or trying to use a faulty spair?  Seriously, sometimes life is just a battle, when I’m prepared, I’m far more likely to be successful at whatever challenge I take on. Pay close attention to how you fuel your body.
3. Support – Don’t be an island – Everyone needs a shoulder or someone to talk to. Lean on a friend, discuss your issues and possible solutions (this is one of the reasons I now belong to a mentorship group). Don’t just focus on all the bad stuff though, make sure that after you’ve had a chance to vent and strategize, focus on gratitude.
Being positive and seeing blessings in all things helps so much more than you may think – positive thinking is a learned and worthwhile habit to get into that takes practice, lots of practice.
(Just so you know, I’m writing these things as reminders to myself as much as to you.)
4. Training – A solid workout goes a long way to help reduce stress. I had a client last week who suffered something fierce from migrane headaches, he would average 1/week.  This year to date he has had 1, 1 migraine in 4 months – that is huge stress relief!  I know that you may not always have time or access to equipment so short workouts like the ones on my youtube channel are a perfect solution.  Just click here to check it out.
Cheryl Pattyn
Cheryl Pattyn

Rules to live by

I had a nasty virus go through my computer and my backup drive because it was plugged into my computer at the time of the virus.  Lost 95% of all my files, pictures videos etc that I have gathered over the years for my business.


These things will get us down if we let them. It’s best to control what we can and let go of the rest.

Honestly, if it’s not these things, there will always be something in our way if we let it.

On top of life’s little interruptions, comes the ‘busy-ness’ of the day and if we don’t take care of ourselves then soon we’ll find that we’re falling apart health-wise.
Over the years, I’ve found that no matter what’s going on, taking care of myself helps me face stress or adversity as well as I can function more optimally.
Here are five rules to live by...
I hope these tips help you to be your best in life, your career and with your friends and family:
1) Eat right. – Yup, I practice what I preach 90% of the time. That means cutting out high fats, sugars, simple carbs, tons of caffeine. These things can cause memory fade, energy crashes, immune system suppression, and adrenal gland fatigue, just to name a few of the things that will slow you down, make you sick, and keep you from thinking and operating at peak levels. You get out of life what you put in and that statement is most true with your diet and nutrition as it relates to your health, well being and performance.
2) Sleep. This means going to bed at the same time every day and waking up at the same time. You probably need more sleep that you think. This is the least sexy tip, but proper sleep will keep you functioning and feeling at your best and it will even help you stay lean.
3) Train. Are you getting in your workout? If you don’t use it, you lose it. Be consistent with your workouts and get your sweat on 3-4 times a week.
4) Own your weekends. Weekends are when you’re most likely to fall off the wagon with your eating, training and sleeping which makes for a Monday where you’re sick, foggy headed, late to work, late to life, calling in sick, working slow, and being “off”. The best thing you can do for yourself is to own your weekends and keep your weekday health and well- being rituals up so that you can enjoy your weekends more and have a better week.
5) Control your head space and the thoughts and people who you allow to influence you. This is one that I overlooked for a long time, and can still struggle with today, but when I figured it out and fixed this, I saw an immediate shift in my happiness, productivity, performance and output. Distance yourself from people and things that are negative, downers, damaging, and down right bad for you. I know that you know who these things and people are in your life that are holding you back and causing you stress, anxiety, and depression. You’re the CEO of your own life, so feel free to fire and replace anyone who is not a good fit in your life.
These five things have been huge game changers for me personally. I know that they’ll help you too if you take action on them.