Cheryl Pattyn
Cheryl Pattyn

5 rounds of 60 seconds!

Today we are going to push your mental, physical and cardiovascular toughness with this circuit.

You will need some dumbbells if possible, if you have no weights then I will give you some alternative moves.

You will set your interval timer for 60 seconds of work : to 10-15 seconds of rest.  If you need a longer rest period than take it.  You can even take a full 60 second rest at the end of each round if needed.  You will go through this circuit 3-5 times!

Have fun and be sure to let me know how you did.

  1. burpee
  2. goblet squats – can be done with no weight
  3. KB or DB swings – do total body extensions as an alternative
  4. pistol rows – as one arm rows up the other arm lowers
  5. jumping jacks or skipping or run in place or skaters or stair/step runs – any cardio move that will get your heart rate up

Here are some pictures to go with the moves listed above.  If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.





 – total body extensions are basically a squat jump without the jump.


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