Cheryl Pattyn
Cheryl Pattyn

The Best Way To Get Fit!

Talk to 10 people and you’ll get 10 different opinions on the best way to get fit.  

One will tell you to attend an aerobics class.  Another will swear by jogging.  Yet another will tell you that dance and biking worked for them.

  The truth is that there’s really only one effective way to get fit.  

Before I get into the details, it’s important that we agree on the definition of ‘fit’.  Too often thin is mistaken for fit, and that’s not what you should strive for.

When someone is thin, but has very little muscle tissue, they aren’t truly fit.

Here’s why thin doesn’t equal fit:

  • Their body fat percentage will be higher than ideal—even though you won’t see a lot of fat on them, if their muscle percentage is low then fat percentage will be higher.
  • Their resting metabolism will be low, since little muscle is present to burn calories at rest.
  • Their body won’t be functionally strong, which will lead to injuries and frustrations.


So how does one get truly fit? It’s this simple: Strength Training.

Strength training is when resistance is used to challenge your muscles in order to gain strength and endurance. You could do this with traditional weights, exercise bands, medicine balls, cable machines, sandbags, kettle bells or even just using your own body weight.

  • Regular strength training has the following side effects…
  • Strength and muscle tone
  • Cardiovascular capacity
  • Speed, Agility and Flexibility
  • Resistance to injury and disease


If that’s not enough to convince you that strength training is the only way to truly become fit, then read on…

Top 9 Reasons To Strength Train

1. To Build Muscle and Gain Strength: Don’t worry, ladies. This does NOT mean that you’re going to ‘bulk up’ or look too masculine. What will happen is that your arms, tummy and legs will become tighter, leaner and more defined.

2. To Lose Fat: When it comes to losing size, all that you want to see go is fat, not muscle. Strength training ensures that you maintain and grow those muscles and only lose fat.

3. To Build Strong Bones: The older we get, the more important our bone density is. A good strength training program is one of your best defenses when it comes to osteoporosis.

4. To Alleviate Anxiety, Stress and Depression: Sure there are plenty of pills out there that claim to give these benefits, but you and I both know that strength training is more wholesome and effective way. And besides, who really wants pharmaceutical side effects?

5. To Sleep Better: Here’s another pill you can stop taking once you start strength training. Study after study have proven that strength training improves sleep.

6. To Improve Chronic Back Pain: If you are one of the millions across the globe who suffer from back pain then you’ll love the benefit of lowered pain.

7. To Improve Insulin Sensitivity: Today diabetes is a huge threat. Minimize your risk by improving insulin sensitivity through regular, challenging strength training.

8. To Improve Good to Bad Cholesterol Ratio: Here is yet another pill that you could potentially stop taking while on a strength training routine. Blood pressure and heart health are of utmost concern, so why not give yourself the advantage of a strength training routine?

9. To Raise your Metabolism: This helps to reduce body fat and to keep that body fat off, even on the days that you aren’t able to exercise. Pretty awesome, right?

A solid strength training routine will tone your legs, lift your buns, strengthen your core, and will result in inches and pounds lost.

If you’re ready to begin your body transformation then feel free to reach out to me.

Call or email me today and we will get you started on the exercise program that will reshape your body once and for all!

Cheryl Pattyn
Cheryl Pattyn

One Quick Secret

When it comes to nutrition plans for clients and people in general,  there’s one thing that most people have a hard time with, it’s compliance.

For some reason, most of us get stuck living in an all or nothing kind of state.

Now, I have to admit that I’ve been known to talk “black or white” way of eating, however in certain cases its needed.

When it comes to nutrition, depending on your goals, the little secret that I suggest is that you set yourself free by following either a 80/20 or 90/10 rule.

Meaning you’re 100% compliant with your program 80-90% of the time and you can enjoy some little pleasures without going crazy 10-20% of the time.

Now if you are an elite athlete preparing for a big competition you might need to tighten this up closer to 95/5 or even 100%. Especially if money is on the line!

But if you’re not a professional athlete and you’re after optimal health benefits or improved body composition you can still have incredible results by following a 90/10 rule AND you won’t drive yourself crazy!

Most people get caught up in an all or nothing idea that they are either completely “succeeding” by following their plan 100% or completely “failing” if they happen to stray from the plan here and there.

Plus, when you accept that you are still succeeding by following your plan to a T at least 80% of the time, you take so much pressure off yourself and the less stress you have the easier it will be for your body to respond the way you want it to!

The little secret is to stick to your plan as close as possible and give yourself a break if you stray off a little bit here and there.

It’s not the end of the world, just make sure that the next meal you have is on point and you will be just fine.

Trust me 🙂

If you need help with sticking to your nutrition, feel free to contact me for accountability and or designing a meal plan just for you.

Cheryl Pattyn
Cheryl Pattyn

Perfect meal

When I saw this recipe I got very excited – why??

  1. this meal can be the perfect post workout meal, just add some chicken or left over turkey from thanksgiving
  2. this salad can be made and stored in the fridge for 2-3 meals for the week
  3. its so colourful

I really like quinoa, its higher in protein and better for you than rice or pasta.  Butternut squash is just so yummy and sweet when roasted, the colour of the dried cranberries, the crunch of the pumpkin seeds plus all the good fats and zinc they provide us with a very healthy homemade oil and vinegar dressing – perfect!

And who would not want to eat this at thanksgiving either??



  • 3 cups butternut squash, chopped
  • 1 Tbsp. olive oil
  • 1 cup uncooked quinoa (I used rainbow quinoa but any type will do)
  • 1½ cups water
  • ⅓ cup dried cranberries
  • ⅓ cup red onion, finely chopped
  • 3 Tbsp. toasted pumpkin seeds
  • salt and black pepper
Balsamic Vinaigrette
  • ½ cup olive oil
  • ¼ cup balsamic vinegar
  • 1 tsp. honey
  • 1 tsp. Dijon mustard
  • 1 garlic clove, minced
  • salt and black pepper

Just click on the mouth watering picture to see the instructions!

Cheryl Pattyn
Cheryl Pattyn

You are not alone

We are all on this journey called life and let’s be honest, it can seem like a roller coaster ride at times.

There’s so many ups and downs…

But at the end of the day the most important thing to remember is that we always have a choice of HOW we interpret the ride.

We can decide that the rollercoaster is scary, fun, exciting, dangerous, crazy or thrilling.

And the truth is, it’s all of those things but the thing that life becomes the most is the thing that you decide it’s going to be.

This year has been the year of stepping out of my comfort zone, saying yes to everything that is in alignment with my personal and business goals and just being more present in the moments of life.

We all share the same basic needs and challenges: We want to feel significant, we want to be loved, we want to be successful, we want to grow, we want to feel connected and we want to live an extraordinary life.

So why are so many of us struggling?

The answer is simple: Our whole lives we have been creating a story for ourselves that ultimately has been limiting our ability to live an authentic, extraordinary life.  And I am no exception.

But here’s the good news, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

We all struggle.

We all feel like we’re not good enough at some point.

We all have extreme expectations of ourselves.

We all feel like giving up sometimes.

And guess what, that’s ok!

Because you are human.

But what’s not ok, is thinking that you can’t have an extraordinary life, because YOU ARE WORTHY of living a magically, rich life full of joy and fulfillment!

Now in order to do that, you have to DECIDE every morning when you wake up that today you are going to live in your power and take charge of what you say and what actions you take because that’s what defines your life.

Not your current situation or your circumstance.

That’s just where you are at, but it’s not the place you have to accept and become stuck in.

Your words and your actions write the story of your life.

If you act like you are a victim of circumstance, then that’s exactly what life will give you.

If you say you are not good enough then you will never be good enough.

My story for far too long is my constant drive towards perfection and making sure everyone else is happy.

Everything had to be just right and when it’s not or I make a mistake I can get too hard on myself!

Do you ever feel this way?

I’m sure you do too.

Now the time has come to open up and create awareness around what story you have written for yourself and to take charge and start writing the new story of your dreams NOW!

You can’t control the past, what’s done is done.

You really have no control over the future so stop trying to control the future so much because it’s causing you so much anxiety.

Focus on RIGHT NOW!

Who do you want to be right now?

What can you do right now to live an extraordinary life?

Right now is all you have control of so start making it count.

When you speak you create.

When you take action you create.

You and only you are the creator of whatever you want and whoever you want to be.

It’s time to start taking charge and being accountable, authentic and in integrity
with yourself and with those who you have close relationships with.

This is why I am training hard for competitions because that makes me happy and training makes me feel like home.  I am learning to voice my opinions better vs keeping them inside in fear I may hurt someones feelings, and learning to let go because I truly don’t want to spend 8 hours every weekend cleaning and picking up after a family that doesn’t help – its mentally and physically exhausting and puts me in an angry state of mind.

When you take a stand for yourself and when you declare who you want to be right now, there’s nothing that can stop you from being incredible!

Step into your power RIGHT NOW and be amazing because I believe that you are worthy of living an extraordinary life!

Cheryl Pattyn
Cheryl Pattyn

Why Winners Keep Winning

Ever wonder why the best always seem to keep getting better?

Is it just talent? Luck? These factors are only partially true. The real underlying reason is that “winners” or “champions” consistently do the right things, almost all the time. Winners have higher standards, better daily routines and take ownership of their lives. Here are six ways to emulate the best of the best and start living like a champion:


1. Get Your Mind Right: FOCUS
We are surrounded and overwhelmed by an ever-increasing amount of distractions in our lives, making it harder to actually get things done. In fact research has proven, despite what we like to think, that humans are terrible at multi-tasking. We are at our best when we can focus on one thing at a time. This is especially true if we want to achieve our goals and win at the game of life. We need to be focused, engaged, truly in the moment. For example, when it’s time to train, it’s time to train. Turn off your smart phone, don’t waste time with idle chatter, and go get the job done.

2. Hang With The Right Crowd: TEAM
Humans are social creatures and for better or for worse, we tend to become like those we associate most with. The saying ‘birds of a feather flock together’ rings true and is more relevant for anyone trying to develop a champions mindset. When you hang out with like-minded people they encourage you, motivate and support you regardless of the circumstances. They provide the all-important network we need to help us achieve excellence. If you’ve got a few such people in your life, consider yourself lucky to have them on your team. And make sure you’re doing your part to help them achieve their goals too.

3. Eat Right: FUEL
The importance of proper nutrition cannot be overstated. It’s no secret as to why we have such an alarming obesity rate in North America: poor nutrition.  Too many processed foods, too much sugar, too many chemicals. And not enough of the good stuff. As a high-performer committed to your goals, you need more than your share of the good stuff. We’re talking about frequent servings of vegetables and fruit, good carb sources such as sweet potato and quinoa, lean natural protein sources like free range chicken and grass fed beef, and healthy fats like avocado, walnuts, and extra virgin olive oil. And we can’t forget about water. Ditch the juice, toss away the soda pop and drink water the way Nature intended. When you feed the body the right fuel, you allow it to do some truly amazing things.

Sleep Right: RECHARGE
The vast majority of North American adults do not get anywhere close to the amount of sleep they need every night. As a result, millions of adults are walking around like virtual zombies, unable to concentrate on the most basic of tasks. Unfortunately, many are a serious accident waiting to happen. You on the other hand, are much different from the average Joe. The goals you want to achieve require you to lead a completely different lifestyle. You need your sleep more than ever, So many good things happen when the body gets optimal rest. For starters, your muscles and joints have an opportunity to heal faster from the stress caused by intense training, and your nervous system has a chance to recharge. This way, when you’re ready to train again, you will be fully recovered and will progress that much faster. If you are not already, make a commitment to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night. You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel.

“Right” It Down: PLAN
If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Anyone serious about improving their body and/or their performance should have a plan – a course of action – to help them get there. For your athletic goals, one of the best tools to help you is a training journal. The journal allows you to monitor your progress, make adjustments and record important feedback such as how you felt during the workout, how well you ate, whether you had enough rest etc.

Do It Right, Daily: DEDICATE
This last key is arguably the most important for achieving success in training and in life. As they say, Rome was not built in a day, and neither were we. To build anything of significance, especially a lean and well-conditioned body, takes a lot of hard work and dedication. The best program in the world won’t amount to much if you do not put in the effort. That means not missing workouts. Being focused during your workouts. Paying close attention to your nutrition. Getting enough rest. Choosing the right people to be around. Doing all of the things you know you should be doing, day in and day out, week in and week out, without fail.

Set your goals. Set them high. Dedicate yourself. And now go get after it.

Cheryl Pattyn
Cheryl Pattyn

Ladder Time!

Hey everyone, this week we are doing a ladder.

All that means is that with each round you will “go up the ladder” by increasing your reps then go “back down the ladder” by decreasing your reps.

You are going to do only 3 exercise but they will work the whole body and if you don’t have a kettlebell for swings, you can use a DB or do squat jumps or total body extensions instead if you have no weights at home.

Here we go…

Swings (squat jumps or total body extensions) 10 reps 15 reps 20 reps 25 reps 25 reps 20 reps 15 reps 10 reps


10 reps 15 reps 20 reps 25 reps 25 reps 20 reps 15 reps 10 reps
abdominal leg raises (double or single leg version) 10 reps 15 reps 20 reps 25 reps 25 reps 20 reps 15 reps 10 reps



take a water break when you need to, make sure to use good form at all times and reduce the weight on the swings if you start to feel your lower back.

Also, keep your hands tucked under your lower back for the ab leg raises to give your back some extra support.

Here are some pics to go with the movement descriptions above.

Have a great workout!



Cheryl Pattyn
Cheryl Pattyn

More Deadly Than You Think!

I thought this was an important topic to share with you because the reality is that most people simply don’t realize how dangerous their excess abdominal fat really is to their health.
The Hidden Dangers of Your Excess Abdominal Fat – It’s More Serious Than a Vanity Issue!
Did you know that the vast majority of people in this day and age have excess abdominal fat?
The first thing that most people think of is that their extra abdominal fat is simply ugly, is covering up their abs from being visible, and makes them self conscious about showing off their body.
However, what most people don’t realize is that excess abdominal fat in particular, is not only ugly, but is also a dangerous risk factor to your health. 
There are two types of fat that you have in your abdominal area. The first type that covers up your abs from being visible is called subcutaneous fat and lies directly beneath the skin and on top of the abdominal muscles.
The second type of fat that you have in your abdominal area is called visceral fat, and that lies deeper in the abdomen beneath your muscle and surrounding your organs.
Visceral fat also plays a role in giving certain men that “beer belly” appearance where their abdomen protrudes excessively but at the same time, also feels sort of hard if you push on it.
Both subcutaneous fat and visceral fat in the abdominal area are serious health risk factors, but science has shown that having excessive visceral fat is even more dangerous than subcutaneous fat.
Both of them greatly increase the risk your risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, sleep apnea, various forms of cancer, and other degenerative diseases.
Part of the reason visceral fat is particularly dangerous is that it apparently releases more inflammatory molecules into your body on a consistent basis.
If you care about the quality of your life and your loved ones, reducing your abdominal fat should be one of your TOP priorities! There’s just no way around it.
Besides, a side-effect of finally getting rid of all of that excessive ugly abdominal fat is that your stomach will flatten out, and if you lose enough stomach fat, you will be able to visibly see those sexy abs that everyone wants.
So what gets rid of extra abdominal fat? Is there actually a REAL solution beyond all of the gimmicks and hype?
Well of course, and I want to help you succeed in finally getting rid of that extra abdominal fat that is not only UGLY, but also DANGEROUS.
Don’t waste another day allowing that nasty abdominal fat to kill your confidence as well as contribute to your risk for MAJOR diseases.
Contact me to set up a success session to get you health and confidence back on track.
Train hard, eat right, and enjoy life!
Cheryl Pattyn
Cheryl Pattyn

Top 3 workout injuries

Can you relate to this scenario? After putting it off for too long, you commit to get fit—only to find yourself injured the minute you start working out.

All of the sudden your fitness goals go back on the shelf and you are left to deal with the pain. Whether your injury occurs right off the bat or after years of regular workouts the result is always the same. It is discouraging, painful and downright depressing.

And since studies suggest that up to 38% of all exercisers suffer from an injury each year, it is a subject worth exploring.

Top 3 Workout Injuries

The following three ailments occur commonly among active people. Let’s explore the cause of each and then detail your very own injury prevention plan—because let’s face it, you simply don’t have time to spend nursing and injury (and losing all that progress you had made).

1. Strain / Pulled Muscle: occurs when a tendon (connects muscle to bone) or muscle is stretched or torn. If you suffer from a strain you will feel pain and swelling in the muscle belly, or loss of function if the strain occurred in a tendon. Many strains occur as the result of an improper warm-up and insufficient stretching.

2. Sprain: occurs when a ligament (connects bone to bone) is stretched or torn. While this can happen to any ligament in your body, the most common placements of sprains are in the ankle, wrist and knee. Often this injury will happen suddenly as the ligament is stretched beyond its normal limit, usually during a fall or other acute trauma.

3. Low Back Pain: it is said that 80% of the population will experience back pain at some point in their lives—and the list of causes is as diverse as the sufferers themselves. Here are the main reasons for workout related back pain:

  • Improper form: Similar to bad posture, using improper form while performing weight bearing exercises will leave your back sore and aching. The good news is that once your form is corrected this pain should subside after a healing period.
  • Weak muscles: If you have a desk job then chances are your deep back muscles are inactive and unconditioned. When you start an exercise program, but fail to properly strengthen these muscles, the result is often an aching back.
  • Strained muscles: Not to pick on that desk job, but another result of sitting all day is tight back muscles. When these muscles are not properly warmed up and stretched before exercise begins, muscle strains occur.


Your 5-Step Injury Prevention Plan

Injuries don’t have to slow you from meeting your fitness goals. The following 5 steps will dramatically reduce your chance of injury and if you do find yourself injured, but have been following these 5 steps, your recovery will be quick and efficient.

Step 1: Stretch

What is more boring than stretching? You want to exercise, not sit around touching your toes—right? Even though it isn’t exciting, stretching is the best way to increase muscle elasticity and durability. Tight muscles are big contributors to strains—remember? Take the time to stretch everyday before and after your workout to stave off injury.

Step 2: Warm Up

Preparing for your workout should not begin and end with putting on your gym clothes. Your muscles need to be coaxed into motion by way of a 10-15 minute warm up in order to prepare them for injury-free use. Cold muscles are less elastic and are therefore more prone to tears.

Step 3: Proper Gear

For most fitness enthusiasts proper gear has everything to do with their shoes. Don’t be fooled—not just any shoe will do. Find shoes that offer support and traction for your exercise of choice, and make sure that they aren’t too tight or too loose. If you are prone to ankle injuries then try a pair of high-tops for extra support.

Step 4: Lifestyle

Stop for a moment and think about your car—if you don’t maintain it with regular tune ups, oil changes and quality fuel then you can’t expect it to perform well on the road. The same applies to your body. Getting healthy amounts of sleep, eating well balanced meals and staying hydrated will all contribute to your performance during exercise. The healthier your lifestyle is the less likely you are to suffer an injury.

Step 5: Condition

This may seem like the most obvious step to injury prevention, but unfortunately it is the most overlooked. People who keep their bodies in top condition by exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are the least likely to injure themselves. When exercise programs are started and stopped sporadically your muscles are most likely to become injured.

Of course being conditioned also has another great benefit that everyone enjoys – you get to look and feel great! And who doesn’t what that, right?

The ultimate injury prevention plan is to work with me, your qualified fitness expert! Together we will explore proper technique and will craft a plan for your unique fitness goals.

Simply reply to this email or call me today to get started. It’s time to take action and get the results that you deserve!

Cheryl Pattyn
Cheryl Pattyn

Overnight Oatmeal

Like I promised, here is your easy and nutritious way to eat oatmeal without having to fuss over it in the morning and it has peanut butter, one of my favourite food groups 🙂  You could also substitute out the peanut butter for almond or cashew butter if you prefer.

Peanut Butter Overnight Oats

½ cup unsweetened almond milk
¾ Tbsp. chia seeds
2 T peanut butter or almond butter
1 T organic honey
½ cup rolled oats
sliced banana or berries















Add almond milk, chia, nut butter and honey in a bowl and stir.

Add oats and stir again, pressing down to make sure they are covered with the almond milk.

Cover with plastic wrap and place in refrigerator overnight.

Top with sliced banana or berries.


So there you have it and be sure to let me know what you think of this awesome recipe.

your partner in health


Cheryl Pattyn
Cheryl Pattyn

Weekly workout

Hey everyone, for this weeks weekly workout, all you will need is at set of dumbbells and if you have 2 kettlebells that are the same weight then awesome, if not no worries.

You are going to set your interval timer for 45 seconds of work : 15 seconds of rest for 5 rounds.  If a 20 minute workout is to much, then feel free to do 3 rounds.

Ok, here we go…

  1. squat to overhead press
  2. alternating side lunges with bicep curls
  3. skier swings
  4. alternating reverse lunge with a twist

Here are some pictures to help describe the movements above and if you have any questions about any of the exercises then please don’t hesitate to send me a quick message.


1. – squat to overhead press


2.   -lateral lunge with bicep curl


3. – skier swings


4.  – lunge with rotation