Cheryl Pattyn
Cheryl Pattyn

Coffee, Sweet Potatoes and your Fridge!!

Ok, onto Coffee and Sweet Potatoes and what they have to do with each other and your fridge.

Did you know that refrigeration can actually cause certain foods to spoil faster? It’s true. In fact, here are 7 foods that you should not keep in you refrigerator and store them somewhere else.

1. Bananas – Storing bananas in the refrigerator can actually disrupt the ripening process. In fact, once refrigerated, a banana may never be able to resume the ripening process even if returned to room temperature. Just think of how devastating that is for the banana 🙁

2. Sweet Potatoes – When exposed to cold temperatures, starches found in potatoes will turn to sugar, disrupting their flavour and texture, not to mention increasing their sugar content. If you prefer tasteless potatoes that cause weight gain, however, please refrigerate.

3. Tomatoes – I’m guilty of this one for sure, but ever had a really amazing tomato right out of the fridge? Me either really. Tomatoes actually lose their flavor and become mushy when refrigerated. Yumn’t.  So only buy tomatoes that you can eat in a short period of time so they don’t get fruit fly infested.

4. Apples – Guilty again, but the same applies to apples as tomatoes.  Apples will lose their texture and flavour when refrigerated. Instead, place an apple in the fridge about 30 mins before eating if you prefer your apples cold. 

5. Onions – If you love soggy onions while also causing the rest of your food to taste and smell like onions, then you’ll definitely want to refrigerate your onions immediately. Otherwise, try storing them in a paper bag (within a cool, dark cabinet) for maximum shelf-life.

6. Avocados – Much like the banana, refrigeration shuts down an avocado’s ripening enzymes. If you want guacamole next month, this may be OK, but if you’re like me, you probably want guacamole today.

7. Coffee – Guilty here again!  But contrary to popular belief, coffee is best stored at room temperature to allow the natural oils within the coffee bean to activate its pungent aromatic scent. On the flip side, refrigeration can actually cause coffee to absorb odors from other foods in your fridge. Onion flavored coffee anyone? 

Well there you have it folks.  What foods NOT to refrigerate ideally.  Now I will admit that once my avocados are ripe I put them into the fridge so they don’t go bad before I can use them.  My hubby only makes and drinks coffee at home on the weekends so I will keep his coffee in the freezer so it will not go rancid before he can use it all up.  Same with apples, every once and awhile I like an apple and so do the kids, but not everyday so mine are in the fridge so they don’t go bad before they are eaten because I HATE throwing out food!!   So do what is right for you and your food with each season as apples straight from the tree are the best, and a tomato or onion fresh from the garden in the summer is awesome!

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