Cheryl Pattyn
Cheryl Pattyn

You are not alone

We are all on this journey called life and let’s be honest, it can seem like a roller coaster ride at times.

There’s so many ups and downs…

But at the end of the day the most important thing to remember is that we always have a choice of HOW we interpret the ride.

We can decide that the rollercoaster is scary, fun, exciting, dangerous, crazy or thrilling.

And the truth is, it’s all of those things but the thing that life becomes the most is the thing that you decide it’s going to be.

This year has been the year of stepping out of my comfort zone, saying yes to everything that is in alignment with my personal and business goals and just being more present in the moments of life.

We all share the same basic needs and challenges: We want to feel significant, we want to be loved, we want to be successful, we want to grow, we want to feel connected and we want to live an extraordinary life.

So why are so many of us struggling?

The answer is simple: Our whole lives we have been creating a story for ourselves that ultimately has been limiting our ability to live an authentic, extraordinary life.  And I am no exception.

But here’s the good news, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

We all struggle.

We all feel like we’re not good enough at some point.

We all have extreme expectations of ourselves.

We all feel like giving up sometimes.

And guess what, that’s ok!

Because you are human.

But what’s not ok, is thinking that you can’t have an extraordinary life, because YOU ARE WORTHY of living a magically, rich life full of joy and fulfillment!

Now in order to do that, you have to DECIDE every morning when you wake up that today you are going to live in your power and take charge of what you say and what actions you take because that’s what defines your life.

Not your current situation or your circumstance.

That’s just where you are at, but it’s not the place you have to accept and become stuck in.

Your words and your actions write the story of your life.

If you act like you are a victim of circumstance, then that’s exactly what life will give you.

If you say you are not good enough then you will never be good enough.

My story for far too long is my constant drive towards perfection and making sure everyone else is happy.

Everything had to be just right and when it’s not or I make a mistake I can get too hard on myself!

Do you ever feel this way?

I’m sure you do too.

Now the time has come to open up and create awareness around what story you have written for yourself and to take charge and start writing the new story of your dreams NOW!

You can’t control the past, what’s done is done.

You really have no control over the future so stop trying to control the future so much because it’s causing you so much anxiety.

Focus on RIGHT NOW!

Who do you want to be right now?

What can you do right now to live an extraordinary life?

Right now is all you have control of so start making it count.

When you speak you create.

When you take action you create.

You and only you are the creator of whatever you want and whoever you want to be.

It’s time to start taking charge and being accountable, authentic and in integrity
with yourself and with those who you have close relationships with.

This is why I am training hard for competitions because that makes me happy and training makes me feel like home.  I am learning to voice my opinions better vs keeping them inside in fear I may hurt someones feelings, and learning to let go because I truly don’t want to spend 8 hours every weekend cleaning and picking up after a family that doesn’t help – its mentally and physically exhausting and puts me in an angry state of mind.

When you take a stand for yourself and when you declare who you want to be right now, there’s nothing that can stop you from being incredible!

Step into your power RIGHT NOW and be amazing because I believe that you are worthy of living an extraordinary life!

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